Independent | Disciplined | Experienced
As a partner-owned firm, our independence is our greatest strength. Sawyer Falduto does not suffer from the bias that comes with being tied to a particular brokerage firm or mutual fund company.

Our partners are the decision-makers—the same people that meet with you regularly—making us more responsive to your needs, changes in the economy and demands of the markets.

The partners of our firm are skilled in delivering outstanding customized services to the Illinois Police and Firefighter Pension Fund community. 

Pension Fund Management
Pension Fund Management
We are proud to manage many Illinois Police and Fire Pension Funds with a 100% retention rate.

Local Units of Government
Local Units of Government
Provide investment management services to a variety of municipal entities including park districts and fire protection districts.
Wealth Management
Investment Management
Personal approach to managing wealth that helps families and individuals achieve their financial goals.

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